A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Virginia Repertory Theatre - On Tour

Fifth Grader:

"The penguin (Meghan Beck) was my favorite character"


"How do you get the penguin to be so shy? It was so funny!"

Urinetown: The Musical 

Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park

Archikulture Digest:

"Lastly there’s the still innocent Hope Caldwell (Beck); she’s in line to take over the reins of “Urine Good Company” board."

"There’s a deep, glowing bowl of good work here: it starts with the vast physical difference between the leads Bobby and Hope...Bobby stands tall and wide and believes in actual sympathy while Hope is small and frail but takes on a huge enemy."

"And here’s my take away: I’ll go out on a critical limb and just say this: The Best Orlando Musical of the past year."

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

Orlando Fringe

Orlando Sentinel:

"Meghan Beck has some comical and creepy moments as Dancer, an ambitious but dim doe who has permanent blinders on to the scandal -- even as she becomes a part of it."

"Maybe those antlers help with the balance, because most all of the cast treads the tightrope between tragedy and comedy with flair."